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Argyle Dart Shirt

Stylish, Comfortable Argyle

Who wants to throw darts in a sweater?

With this 100% polyester dart shirt you don't have to and you'll look amazing. 

This is our signature three-button dart shirt for maximum comfort and brings maximum compliments.

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Battlefield Cross

All Gave Some, Some Gave All

The shirt offered on the site will not have a branch called out.

Name tag and branch customizations are available. Support your favorite branch of the military in our battlefield cross dart shirt. Message us on Facebook to get yours customized.

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Broken Board - Limited Edition

Custom Order Only

This shirt was produced in a few short runs for a Vegas team, Dtroit, and Lunnin.

It was very popular and we have decided to offer it as a custom order. Get yours now, and then customize it to the color of your liking. Even add text to the front and/or back.

We'll provide you a link to do the customization (for free) after purchase.

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The Cricket Fan's Dart Shirt

This dart shirt was designed for the cricket fan.

The completed number score polka dots, and the White Horse, of course.

We're certain you can wear this shirt proudly as a fan of the game and be comfortable tossing in those 9 marks.

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Dream Killer

A Brandon Neal Signature Shirt

Another pink design from the mind of Brandon. This one is bold and beautiful.

To add your name, change colors, or for additional sizes, contact us on Facebook today.

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Fly Your Flag

Would you like a different nationality? Your favorite state? Would you just like the colors you want without a flag on the sleeve? That's great, we'll do that for you!

Brock Garza approached us looking for something with the Mexican flag colors. While working on his shirt he thought it would be good to share the design to be customized how you'd like. We totally agree.

After purchase, you will receive an email within 24 hours where you will be able to specify any customization details for the shirt(s) purchased.

Before starting manufacture of your shirt(s), we will send you a proof to approve. If you have any questions, please contact us on Facebook.

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Johnson Signature

From the Mind of Brian Johnson

Brian asked for a dark shirt and a more abstract design, and we delivered this beauty.

With the feeling of a creative street artist, the colors and design comprise a well composed shirt which looks good with or without text on the back.

Contact us on Facebook to customize with your name today!

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Brian Johnson's "Kustom"

Kustom Kulture is a neologism used to describe the artworks, vehicles, hairstyles, and fashions of those who drove and built custom cars and motorcycles in the United States of America from the 1950s through today.

Pre-order yours today for $49.95.

Pre-ordering now includes free customization if you like.
Add your name, remove the name altogether, and/or change the colors. Just contact us after purchase and we'll get you squared away.


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Light Diamond

Impressive Looking Lighter Colored Shirt

With this lighter colored shirt, you'll be just as comfortable on the golf course as you are in your favorite watering hole.

The diamond pattern is sharp and will be certain to get you compliments on your style, even if your opponent is angry with you dropping ton after ton on them.

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Logo Dart Shirt

White Horse Darts' Logo on a Stylish Dart Shirt

A large White Horse Darts logo on the back with another on the sleeve. The horse head on the breast rounds this shirt out.

100% polyester. As with every dart shirt, contact us if you'd like custom colors.

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Anthony Croker's "Matrix"

Pre-order yours today for $49.95.

Pre-ordering now includes free customization!

You will receive an email with instructions on how to customize after purchase.

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Morton Signature

From the Mind of Caeleigh Morton

Caeleigh needed something red, white, and blue. After exploring many options, Caeleigh selected this design.

This shirt is very patriotic, while still keeping the touch of class we strive for at White Horse Darts.

Buy this shirt to show your pride in the American flag, and customize it with your name so there's no question you're a patriot... Even if you're not Tom Brady.

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Mr Freeze

Kyle Black's "Mr Freeze"

Pre-order yours today for $49.95.

Pre-ordering now includes free customization!

You will receive an email with instructions on how to customize after purchase.

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Neal Signature

From the Mind of Brandon Neal

Being a fan of White Horse Darts' style and Gary Anderson, Brandon wanted to do something with plaid sleeves and pink. Yes, there's pink in the shirt and it looks awesome.

Before being sponsored you could see Brandon wearing pink (salmon) an awful lot. Now all you see him in is White Horse Darts apparel, we're certain.

Contact us on Facebook if you'd like your name on this shirt, using pink, of course.

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Not Quite Star Trek

Stunning Red, In a Great Pattern

If you're throwing darts in the final frontier, you might be the first to go if you choose this shirt. Throwing in this shirt on Earth, you're probably safe.

Wear this very sharp and bold 100% polyester dart shirt and be the envy of your friends (and opponents).

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Phares Signature

From the Mind of Ben Phares

Ben wanted a more dynamic design using colors from his old softball jersey.

The back design is beautiful chaos while the front keeps our class with sharp, stunning lines.

Customize with text on the back or enjoy the shirt as is. Contact us on Facebook to add your name! As Ben would say, "Do it now!"

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Roll Tide

A Ben Phares Signature Shirt

Everyone who knows Ben, understands his passion for Alabama. With his second design he's decided to pay tribute.

Contact us on Facebook to add your name, change colors, or for additional sizes.

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The Animal

The Animal

Would you like to mimic an animal? Wear this and you can escape predators with ease.
Contact us after purchase to customize your colors. The stock color is North Carolina Tarheels blue.

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The Mountain

A Gary Brooks Signature Shirt

Gary Brook's Signature Shirt

In his own words:
"I wanted a shirt that paid homage to my home in the Rocky Mountain region, while also holding true to my belief that to achieve any goal, you have to keep climbing, keep working."

Contact us on Facebook if you would like to customize the shirt by adding your own name and/or changing the colors.